The work done here is a confidential process that involves the development of a professional relationship and the defined rights and responsibilities of both client and professional. Consent respects the client’s decision-making process and the continual flow of their journey; it protects the client and the professionals. Therefore, as your trusted professional, I may ask more than once about engagement, consent and agreement to continue. This consent framework provides safety that allows the client to take emotional risks and build trust, which may result in increased levels of empowerment. Self work is designed to address personal issues, cultivate a greater level of insight and help clients gain effective coping strategies. Self work in this form is not for every individual; however, it has been shown to be effective!

Understanding rights and responsibilities in this process is important to ensuring well-being. Sharing sensitive and private information can be overwhelming. Self work can evoke strong emotions, difficult memories and changes in self-awareness and result in the client relating to others in different ways. Unpacking past memories, grief, pain and future losses during the course of counselling can increase intense emotions. Nevertheless, counselling can be a rewarding, freeing, positive experience with outcomes of success and satisfaction. As a professional, I am here to guide you, support you, hold the space (be present with compassion and without judgement), provide a safe place, listen without judgement and listen with compassion throughout your process. Confidentiality is paramount at SWPL. As a professional I adhere to two codes of ethics, those of IAPO International Organization of Professional Life Coaches, and the British Columbia College of Social Workers, and comply with the Common Law Privacy Act (Section 1) and BC’s Personal Information Protection Act provision. I conduct online counselling over an encrypted video system that is protected and secure. I do not consent to being recorded or shared at any time. If a client does not want to receive simple touches such as on the hand or arm, inform the professional before the in -person session begins. As a professional, I may, if consent is given, shake hands or touch on the shoulder or back if a client is in emotional distress. A child or youth under 18 years old that is attending will have to obtain the consent of both parents before session begins, as a requirement of BC’s new Family Law Act 4. Exceptions to and Limits of Confidentiality.

It is my duty to report a child in need of protection, per the Child, Family and Community Service Act 26, Section 14. If a client discloses a plan regarding or evidence of clear and imminent danger of harm to self and/or others, or I must notify legal authorities and the victim to ensure safety. If a client discloses or is suspected of abuse or neglect of vulnerable adults, seniors or children, I must report this information to the appropriate legal authorities (e.g. the Ministry of Children and Family, police or a senior abuse line). If a judge or court order is issued, I may be required to release information contained in a client’s records and/or testify in court. Insurance Providers. At this time SWPL is a service that is not covered by insurance. However we do offer scaling cost as well as packages to help save money! Client Responsibilities.


  • Bachelor of Social Work, BSW
  • Teaching English as a Second Language, TESOL
  • Certified Life Coach, CLC
  • Disability Specialization, DACS
  • Aboriginal Studies Specialization
  • Child and Youth Care Counselling, CYCC
  • Canadian Certified Addictions Counsellor


If you are in crisis or in an emergency, contact your physician, the local hospital, the Crisis Line (604-872-3311) or 911.

I have read this statement and had sufficient time to be sure that I understand it and have considered it carefully, asking questions if needed. I understand the limits of confidentiality required by law. I consent to the billing process and agree to pay $_______hr. I discussed the above information with my professional. As a client, I understand the risks and benefits of therapy, the limits of confidentiality and the exceptions to confidentiality during counselling services. I understand my rights and responsibilities as a client and the responsibilities of my therapist. I understand that I can refuse any request made by SWPL. I declare that I have reached the age of consent or I have both parents signing and agreeing to SWPL interventions and treatment. I declare that I have the right to revoke consent at any time. I declare that I am capable of giving consent and understand the risks and benefits of and alternatives to counselling.

Acknowledgment and Consent: Signature of Client /Parents/ Guardian: