Are you or do you know someone that is battling addictions? Suffering from an addiction is not only hard on the individual but also on their loved ones. It is so hard to watch someone you care about struggle with an issue only they know the depths of and sometimes have no control over. Whether you are learning to cope/ address the addictions in your life and or have a loved one that is battling with an addiction SWPL can offer a judgment free space to encourage growth and wellness. We can explore options that fit where you are on your journey.

Addictions Counselling: $65/hour

Pre book 5 sessions: $300

Pre book 10 sessions: $570

All payment is due before the session (E-transfer/Cash). I recommend pre booking to ensure availability. Also note that the pre booked sessions can be used for any of the services. Pre booking services also helps you save money!

SWPL services are not covered under insurance.