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Healthy relationships are a lot of work both on yourself and with your partner. Every couple has their own issues because let’s face it no relationship is perfect and that is completely okay! Couples work is multi-faceted levels of work with topics as broad as family, origin of issues, communication styles, “love languages“, financial awareness, forgiveness, anger, and intimacy wellness. When trust has been broken, we find couples will experience an intense range of emotions. This can be a very delicate time for any couple, and it requires a lot of care on the part of everyone involved. Building trust for each other again requires courage from both people in the relationship and the willingness to ask some questions and to give truthful answers. Overall, the more you can start to learn about yourself, who you are in a relationship, and what you do in the middle of a difficulty, this will only support you to have a more fulfilling life. When there are children you will, on some level, always be in a relationship with your partner. Whether you end up staying together or not, you two are connected through your children. The ability to work things out together will benefit everyone; let SWPL help get you on that path!

Couples Coaching/Counselling: $90 hour

Pre book 5 sessions: $275

Pre book 10 sessions: $520

All payment is due before the session (E-transfer/Cash). I recommend pre booking to ensure availability. Also note that the pre booked sessions can be used for any of the services. Pre booking services also helps you save money!

SWPL services are not covered under insurance.