Violence of any kind can be traumatic and life altering, especially when children are involved; SWPL is here to support you. SWPL is not here to judge you or make decisions for you. SWPL will always advise towards what we feel is best given your circumstances; the rest is up to you. Please remember that we are not here to judge you, we are here to support you and there is no one way that works. Together we will create a care plan in hopes your healing can begin. It is important that clients understand that our Domestic Violence unit is not associated with Police based Domestic Violence, this means that information shared, is not shared with police; however, in the event that you are in immediate danger please call 911.

Domestic Violence: $65/hour

Pre book 5 sessions: $300

Pre book 10 sessions: $570

All payment is due before the session (E-transfer/Cash). I recommend pre booking to ensure availability. Also note that the pre booked sessions can be used for any of the services. Pre booking services also helps you save money!

SWPL services are not covered under insurance.