Trauma/Grief/Loss Counselling/Coaching

As we go through life, difficult situations are inevitable. Whether you feel it consciously or not, these events can have a lasting effect on you. When it starts affecting your daily life, it can become detrimental to your sleeping and eating habits, your personal relationships, and your overall mental well-being.  At this point, you might feel alone in your struggle and that you need some support and SWPL can help!

Why do so many of us end up struggling just to get through the day? Why do we find ourselves fighting with our loved ones, reliving painful past experiences, or dreading the future? Why do we find ourselves repeating the same mistakes/cycles over and over again? Wouldn’t it be a relief to know that you can learn how to create the life you deserve? It is possible and SWPL can help! It’s not always easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. However, by understanding how your past experiences and current patterns impact your life, you can thrive in the world!

Trauma/Loss Counselling: $65/hour

Pre book 5 sessions: $300

Pre book 10 sessions: $570

All payment is due before the session (E-transfer/Cash). I recommend pre booking to ensure availability. Also note that the pre booked sessions can be used for any of the services. Pre booking services also helps you save money!

SWPL services are not covered under insurance.